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About Limited Edition Prints

About Limited Edition Prints

Serigraphy, also known as silkscreen, is a hands-on process in which a separate screen (fabric stretched tightly upon a frame) is required for each color or color variation. (It is not unusual in Calzada's work to have forty or more colors and shades) Applying layers of color is a painstaking process which gradually forms and completes the final image. The artist must review each run for color and detail. Upon completion of the process, he selects, signs and numbers the prints that will make up the edition, and retains some artist's proofs. One of the most desirable qualities of serigraphs is that they are completely handmade. As in any handmade process, because each print is individually handled and created, there might be minute, often undetectable, differences between one print and the other. Such differences add to the value and the integrity of the work.


Lithography is a process, invented in 1798, in which a master surface (now usually metal, but traditionally stone) is prepared and oil-based inks are applied to the surface to form the image. Acid is applied to make the surface capable of holding inks and the prints are run off under pressure.


Digitally mastered prints (i.e. giclee or iris prints) is a process introduced in the 1980's which is capable of capturing a greater and deeper range of colors; finer detail; nuances and shadows; and can be produced on a variety of surfaces. The entire production process (except the production of the original) is digitally mastered. Quality control, color adjustment and image fidelity are fine-tuned until an almost identical rendition of the original is achieved. Each of the individual elements that make up the image is isolated, filtered, and color-adjusted under the artist's supervision. The next step is to combine all the components and make additional modifications to ensure a seamless integration of the image. Humberto Calzada’s digital prints are printed using pigment inks for better preservation, and are further protected with a UV protection treatment.